A message from The Swingles

A post from The Swingles’ Facebook page about their cancelled US tour:

We are devastated that following major delays by US immigration in processing our visas, we have been forced to cancel our tour of the US East Coast. We were so looking forward to this trip and bringing our new holiday music to the States, and it has been beyond frustrating to be stuck in London over the past few days, bags packed and ready to go, at the mercy of processes outside our control. We held off cancelling the tour outright for as long as possible in the hope that we’d be able to make at least some dates; it is now clear that this won’t be possible. More than anything else, we are so sad to be letting down our fans in Atlanta, Raleigh, D.C., New York, Clinton and Pelham, and the promoters who worked so hard to make the shows possible in the first place. If you were planning to attend and would like information about refunds, please contact the concert venues directly; for our part, we are doing everything we can to reschedule all postponed shows for our next full US tour in the spring. Sending all our love and best wishes for the holidays – The Swingles x