Our Supporters

We are grateful for all the generous donors who help support the mission and goals of Arts NC State and its programs. Check out a complete list of donors and highlights from the past year in our 2014-2015 Annual Report (PDF).

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Bowers Medal of Arts

The Bowers Medal of Arts recognizes and celebrates our great volunteers and the significant contribution these individuals or organizations make to the arts at NC State University.

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Named scholarships and endowments

Endowments may be established with a minimum commitment of $25,000—which can be paid over five years—and may honor or memorialize an individual or family member while supporting the arts at NC State. Current endowments include:

  • ABB Inc. Arts Outreach Endowment
  • Judy C. Abee Marching Band Endowment
  • Patricia H. Adams Scholarship
  • Donald & Maryann Bitzer Theater Achievement Awards Endowment
  • Brenda E. and W. Wade Brickhouse Fine Craft Collection Endowment
  • Carey & Neita Bostian Music Endowment
  • Henry & Sory Bowers Arts Endowment
  • Bruce T. Brown Marching Band Endowment
  • Charlotte V. Brown Museum Endowment
  • Raymond A. Bryan, Jr. Jazz Endowment
  • Curtis R. Craver Clarinet Scholarship
  • Eloise A. Cofer Arts Endowment
  • Margaret Price Corcoran Marching Band Scholarship
  • Mildred J. Davis Museum Endowment
  • Ronald G. Ellis & Earl Lynn Roberson Scholarship
  • Annabelle Lundy Fetterman Symphony
  • Concertmaster Endowment
  • Fox Family Foundation Crafts Center Endowment
  • Dr. Norman Greenberg Brass Quintet Endowment
  • John N. & Nancy C. Gregg Museum Endowment
  • Dewey M. Griffith Marching Band Endowment
  • Frank M. Hammond Endowment for Musicianship & Outstanding Leadership
  • Glenn S. Harman & Miriam Bailey Gardner Choral Accompanist Scholarship Endowment
  • Glenn S. Harman & Kay Crawford Johnson Double-Reed Scholarship Endowment
  • Frederick and Ginger Horton, Horton Fellowship Endowment Fund
  • Amelia E. Hunter Choral Leadership Endowment
  • ITG Norma Ausley Memorial Endowment
  • Jerry and Nina Jackson Endowment for Outdoor Programs
  • The Lattice Endowment for the Performing Arts
  • James & Eileen Lecce Ethnic Art Collection Endowment
  • Sheila Margaret Lund Endowment
  • Jim Marchman Marching Band Endowment
  • Toni Christine Masini Memorial Scholarship
  • John C. McIlwee Theatre Endowment
  • John Menapace Photography Endowment
  • Alexander Miller III Arts Endowment
  • Sharon Herr Moore Center Stage Endowment
  • NCSU Pipes & Drums Scholarship
  • Barbara G. & Hayne Palmour III Museum Endowment
  • James M. Poyner Visiting Artist Endowment
  • Kimberly Titmus Przybyl Music Endowment
  • Lew & Billie Rentel ARTS NC STATE Scholarship
  • Lew & Billie Rentel Museum Enhancement Endowment
  • Lew & Billie Rentel Thompson Building Endowment
  • Reynolds Music Performance Scholarship
  • Alby Rose Marching Band Scholarship
  • Stafford Endowment for ARTS NC STATE Student Travel
  • Banks & Louise Talley Arts Endowment
  • Banks C. Talley Jr. Arts Endowment for the Frank Thompson Building
  • Brita M. Tate Memorial Endowment
  • Martha Emerson Upchurch Performing Arts Endowment
  • Wachovia Endowment for the Visual & Performing Arts
  • Randall & Susan Ward ARTS NC STATE Scholarship
  • Randall & Susan Ward Museum Endowment
  • Elmer R. White Trumpet Scholarship
  • Mary Lib Wood Endowment for the Visual & Performing Arts

R. Stanhope Pullen Society

The R. Stanhope Pullen Society was created in 1993 and recognizes alumni and friends who invest in the future of the university through any type of deferred gifts.

The following Pullen Society members have designated support for Arts NC State programs:

  • Wade & Brenda Brickhouse
  • Ronald G. Ellis
  • Nancy C. Gregg*
  • Norman & Gilda Greenberg
  • Glenn S. Harman
  • Michael J. Holland
  • Frederick & Ginger Horton
  • Jack M. Hunter
  • Bernard & Patricia Hyman
  • Martha N. Keravuori
  • James* & Eileen Lecce
  • Sheila Lund*
  • Alexander Miller III
  • Mac & Lindsay Newsom
  • Lew & Billie Rentel
  • Banks & Louise Talley
  • Caroline Hickman Vaughan
  • David & Judi Wilkinson