Arts and Your Major Month

Presented by the Arts Village in collaboration with Arts NC State and NC State University Libraries 

Diagnostic entomologist Dr. Matt Bertone will talk about photography and natural sciences

Join us for a series of programs illustrating how the arts overlap and enhance STEM careers and studies. Guest speakers from across campus will address how they use the arts in their work. All events are open to the NC State community with the exception of one event on 11/9 for members of the Arts Village.  

Imagine Your Major: Art and AI

Dr. Arnav Jhala associate professor of Computer Science

Wednesday, Oct. 26, 5:30-6:30 p.m., Hill Library Auditorium 

Arnav Jhala associate professor of computer science, joined NC State in August 2016 as a Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program cluster hire in visual narrative and as the co-director of the Digital Games Research Initiative. Prof. Jhala’s research group investigates computational structures and methods that are useful in representing and mediating human interpretation and communication of narrative in interactive visual media, such as film and games.

Expand Your Major: Art and Entrepreneurship

Kenneth Proseus event & operations coordinator for NC State Entrepreneurship. 

Thursday, Oct. 27 11-12:30 p.m., Holmes Hall 106

Join Kenneth Proseus for a “lunch and learn” session where we will discuss getting started in the world of visual arts, touching on topics such as commercialization and monetization, networking, and applying for calls and grants. This will be a casual session lead by your own curiosity, so please come with a few questions you’d like to ask about making a career in the arts!

Proseus is the co-owner of 311 Gallery where he overseas curation and installation of exhibitions as well as workshops. He is also the events & operations manager for NC State Entrepreneurship, where he manages events such as competitions, festivals and workshops.

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Focus Your Major: Photography and Nature Science

Dr. Matt Bertone, director, Plant Disease and Insect Clinic

Monday, Nov. 7, 5-6 p.m., Hill Library Auditorium 

Join Dr. Matt Bertone as he discusses his use of digital macro photography techniques, with particular focus on the biological sciences. As the director and diagnostic entomologist with the NCSU Plant Disease and Insect Clinic, Matt Bertone focuses on tools and techniques for the identification of arthropods, especially insects. Matt also provides training for state extension personnel to recognize a wide variety of arthropods, publishes new records and biological information on local arthropods, and augments the NCSU Insect Museum’s specimen holdings through the collection and curation of arthropods, among other activities.

Visualize Your Major: Art and Environmental Issues

Dr. Jennifer Landin, teaching associate professor

Tuesday, Nov. 8, 4-5 p.m., Hill Library Auditorium 

Dr. Jennifer Landin will discuss how art provides an emotional connection to the sciences, specifically when it comes to environmental issues and climate change. At NC State, she developed and teaches a biology course using illustration techniques to teach biodiversity and comparative anatomy. You can follow her on her website:

Design Your Major: A Tour of the Wilson College of Textiles

ART VILLAGERS ONLY- Presented by Dr. Anne Porterfield 

Wednesday, Nov 9, 4 p.m., Wilson College of Textiles 

Arts Village only: Join Dr. Anne Porterfield to experience how technology and textiles work together with a tour of the Wilson College of Textiles. 

Registration Required Here

Write Your Major: Focusing on Revision

Holly Brantley, MFA fiction candidate, NC State 2024

Thursday, Nov. 10, 7-8 p.m., Holmes Hall 104

Holly Brantley will lead participants through a workshop highlighting how creative writing techniques can be used in STEM fields.