The Arts While Studying Abroad

By: Robert Bagby

Photos by Anna Inscoe

Hello, y’all! My name is Robert Bagby, and I am a 4th-year student at North Carolina State University. My major is industrial design and my minor is parks, recreation and tourism management. Home for me is the little town of Oak Ridge just outside of Greensboro, NC. The Arts Village in Turlington Hall was my home for three years, two of them as a village mentor. Currently, I am interning with the amazing Arts NC State’s office of outreach and engagement (shout out to the Stafford Travel Endowment, which I learned about from my internship, and helped me with some travel funds for this trip!)

A little bit about me is that I have three weiner dogs, my favorite color is orange, and Taylor Swift is one of the best musicians of all time.The reason I am writing this post is that I am so excited to share that I am studying abroad again as part of the Global Leadership Minor program this semester to earn a second minor. This program is designed to give students from any college a competitive edge in the global workforce. My peers and I will earn twelve of fifteen credit hours abroad during this 10-week spring semester program that sees us learning in three different countries: the Czech Republic, Germany, and England. To learn more about the GLM Program you can check it out here:

Currently, I am in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic with a group of 17 students from different majors at NC State and UNC. Prague is known for its stunning architecture, rich history, and vibrant arts scene. I have been absolutely captivated by everything this city has to offer. From the Gothic spires of cathedrals to the bustling energy of the Old Town Square, Prague is a city full of life and culture. I have been exploring its streets, tasting its food, and meeting its people, and I can already tell that this will be another transformative experience.The city is home to the NC State European Center in Prague. NC State occupies three floors of a building located right in the center of town. There are classrooms, studios, offices, and common areas to accommodate students, faculty, and staff. We also have a dorm located only a few minutes away by tram. The dorms are in a cool neighborhood called Žižkov. There are a bunch of restaurants, parks, and this controversially ugly building, Žižkov Tower. I happen to love the tower so much that when I studied here a year ago I got a tattoo of it on my arm.

As I continue my study abroad I will be writing posts about the arts and experiences I encounter. I am incredibly passionate about the arts, and I can’t wait to share my adventures. I believe that art has the power to connect people from all around the world, and I am thrilled to be able to explore different cultures and see how their artistic expressions reflect their unique perspectives and experiences.

Stay tuned for more updates on Robert’s Prague adventures as this blog series will continue…