Director of the NC State Dance Program Tara Mullins featured in the Technician

Recently, NC State Dance Program Director Tara Mullins was featured in the Technician!

Backstage: Tara Mullins brings interdisciplinary expressions and collaboration to the dance floor

Technician: Tara Mullins, director of the NC State Dance Program, instructs a student on Feb. 21 in the dance studio at Carmichael Gym. Apart from teaching dance courses, Mullins choreographs for both NC State dance companies, teaches a Master Class series and creates interdisciplinary projects. She has also recently completed two films, one of which has been chosen to screen at multiple film festivals.
Amrita Malur

The article starts by describing Mullins’ unusual office setting – “mirrors paneling an entire wall, a matte black floor scuffed from quick feet and decorated with old tape.” This is where Mullins can be found most of the time, on the dance floor with her students.

“Look at these ladies, they’re so amazing; they give me so much,” Mullins goes on to say.

The article continues on highlighting works by Mullins, her background, and some of the things she has already accomplished in the two short years she has been here. It also brings up her recent nomination for Outstanding Teacher of the Year. One of the many reasons cited for her nomination is the way she advocates for arts to be integrated throughout other disciplines, and encourages exploration of important social issues through her and her students’ artistic voices.

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Outstanding Teacher of the Year

Among those nominated for Outstanding Teacher of the Year was Dr. Maria Gallardo-Williams. Mullins collaborated with Dr. Maria Gallardo-Williams from the department of chemistry to create Dancing Chemical Reactions (2017), which illustrates chemical reactions in a visual and dynamic way. This piece was then performed at the ACCelerate Festival in Washington, DC, in October 2017.

Congratulations to both Mullins and Gallardo-Williams! Learn more about The Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award at