Gregg construction update

After the ceremonial groundbreaking on April 14, 2015, official construction on the new Gregg Museum started June 1. Bulldozers, concrete trucks, and other heavy machinery made their way onto the site at 1903 Hillsborough Street and after sixth months, much of the site demolition has been completed.  Though rain and site conditions have delayed the project a little, the foundation of the new addition is close to completion. Drainage systems and waterproofing of the existing home are currently going in and we hope to see the steel supports erected on the new addition soon.


A yellow backhoe bucket dropping debris into a blue and gray dump truck, July 15, 2015

The beginning of grubbing and clearing the construction site for the new Gregg Museum facility.

July 15, 2015


A blue dump truck in the foreground of a dirt and dust filled construction site. Other machinery inside a hole next to a 3 story, brick, Georgian residence.

The hole being dug and cleared for the foundation of the addition to the 1920’s residence.

August 6, 2015.
Backhoe's digging footings and workers putting up plywood formwork for concrete walls in a large dirt hole next to the 3 story, brick, Georgian house.

Foundation footings being dug and foundation walls being formed for the 15,000 square foot addition to house the Gregg Museum permanent collection and galleries.

September 14, 2015.
A view of muddy tracks and small ponds of water surrounding the 3 story, brick, Georgian residence and the hole where the addition will go next to it.

One of the many rainy days that has set construction back a little.

October 1, 2015.
A view from the back of the site over the formal, walled garden. The brick, Georgian residence and addition can be seen in the mid-ground and the Pullen Baptist Church can be seen in the background.

A view over the formal garden to a concrete truck pumping concrete into the foundation wall forms.

November 12, 2015.
The concrete pumping truck fills foundation wall forms with the 3 story, brick, Georgian residence in the background.

A concrete pumping truck filling the foundation walls.

November 12, 2015.