Gregg Construction Update 3

Over the last 3 months construction has been moving along at a steady pace thanks to the good weather we have had.  The final pieces of the steel structure were installed on the addition and the stud walls began going up.  Sheathing and a black, weatherproof barrier were applied to the addition and lots of electrical, HVAC and plumbing infrastructure has been put into place.  In the last few weeks, the roof has been closed in on the addition and the paving has been started on the Pullen Park side of the project.  Check out the pictures of the progress below and look for more updates soon!


View from front of addition to the residence.

Final steel being put in place.


Front view of the brick residence with the steel skeletal addition to the left, and other construction debris in the foreground.

View of the front of the new Gregg, March 2016.


Brick residence along left side joins with the steel skeletal addition in the background.

View of the rear entrances to the new Gregg.


Pile of dirt and skeletal steel addition in foreground with brick residence visible through steel structure.

View of the rear addition to the new Gregg, near the loading dock.


Four masons setting bricks on a wall with mortar.

Masons laying brick on a rear wall of the new Gregg addition.


Concrete basement room with ladders and other construction supplies laying on the floor. Metal stud walls in the background.

Steel studs going up in the collection storage area of the addition basement.


Concrete floor addition with gray skeletal structure overhead.

View from rear of galleries looking back to the front entrance of the new Gregg museum addition.


Steel skeletal addition with brick residence in background to right.

Steel studs going up on the exterior of the new Gregg museum addition.


Steel skeletal addition on left with brick residence on right.

Another view of the front of the Gregg Museum.


Steel skeletal addition with construction equipment in foreground.

View from rear of gallery and storage addition near the loading dock.


Construction workers standing on flat dirt area with wood forms curving around them for a concrete curb to be poured soon.

The curb being prepped for concrete on the driveway and parking area.


Blue panels cover the exterior of the addition to the brick residence.

Sheathing applied to exterior of addition.


Brick residence on right with blue covered addition on left.

Another front view of the addition to the new Gregg Museum.


Blueish purple sheathing being applied to the steel studs of the addition.

Rear view of the addition near the loading dock.


Brick residence and addition intersection at rear of new Gregg Museum.

Rear entrances to the new Gregg Museum.


Interior view of concrete floor and steel stud lobby.  Construction workers in the background.

View of the lobby of the new Gregg Museum.


Large room with construction worker and materials in the middle.  Purple sheathed studs in the background.

View from the entrance to the large gallery.


Gallery with steel studs and exterior sheathing.

View of the medium sized gallery at the back of the Gregg museum lobby.


Black box addition sitting next to the brick 1920s residence.

Black weatherproofing coating applied to addition.


Stained cedar siding on an L shaped wall in front of the Georgian brick residence.

Mock-up panel displaying the wood siding that will be applied the the exterior of the addition.


Black waterproofing material has been applied to addition on right with brick residence on left.

View from rear of new Gregg Museum.


Construction worker with cart in a basement room with studs in the background.

Stud walls and electrical conduit being installed in the basement of the addition.


Concrete room with stud wall on left side.  HVAC duct installed above.

View of collection storage room in basement of addition.



Brick residence with addition in background on the left.

Front of new Gregg Museum with insulation starting to be applied to exterior of the addition.


Two men in hard hats talking to each other behind a window in a stud wall.

The general contractor and architect talking about details on the mock-up panel.


Brick residence on left with black coated addition on right and formal garden in the foreground.

Rear view of the new Gregg Museum.


3 men looking at brown metal pole with new Gregg addition in the background.

General contractor explaining installation details to construction workers.