Meet New Panoramic Dance Project Artistic Director

We are eager to introduce the new NC State Dance Program Lecturer –– Francine Ott, an award-winning dance artist who will direct one of the two NC State dance companies Panoramic Dance Project presentin Afrocentric and world dance.

Francine E. Ott, a native of New Orleans, received her B.F.A in Dance from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette and has the had the pleasure of studying with the artists that she admires, including Camille A. Brown and Dancers, Ronald K. Brown/Evidence, A Dance Company, Brian Green and Tony Kundu.  She has had the privilege of teaching a variety of workshops, classes and residencies as well as being able to showcase her choreography.

Francine received her Master’s degree in mental health Counseling at Nyack College where she was the interim administrative assistant for the Counseling Department. Ms. Ott has her own company, Francine E. Ott/The Walk, where she integrates the mental health field with the arts, which allows one to further their creativity through a unique therapeutic process –– providing a space for growth, change, and transformation in one’s life.

Read more about Francine on the faculty and staff page.