‘My ART is. . .’: Final Reflection

Amy Sawyers

Amy Sawyers, ARTS Outreach Coordinator

Everyone has an art.

Whether it is painting the next soon-to-be unforgettable masterpiece of the century or engineering a state-of-the-art technological system for the next millennium, everyone has a craft that is worth sharing for the world to witness and to appreciate.  It doesn’t have to be a traditional drawing or a musical composition in order for something to be considered an art.  Art, as a creativity, is an activity we do by its very nature, thus transcending beyond its utility.  Art helps us express, communicate, and connect with the world and these are few of the many reasons why I wanted to start the ‘My ART is…’ photography campaign.

One of the major goals of ARTS NC STATE and the ARTS Village is to encourage students of all majors and studies to become more involved and engaging in the arts community within and out of the college campus.  The goal of this small campaign was to simply ask random students and staff around campus to participate by writing what they consider their art to be on a white erase board and present it for a picture to be taken.

There were many good and well-thought responses.  And some were just simple and conventional.  One of the participants said that making breakfast sandwiches was their art, another inscribed ‘making people feel’ as their art.  Someone even believed ‘art theft’ is an art.  Overall, I was amazed by the responses the participants had given me.  It made me believe that even though some creations or concepts that wouldn’t be considered conventional art may be considered a genuine craft by someone else, thus what is considered ‘art’ only blurs the line even more.

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Which brings me to my final reflection of the year:  What is my art?

One of the main reasons why I joined the ARTS Village is that I am a hobbyist digital artist who dabbles little into traditional animation, digital editing, and voice acting, and I wanted to be around people who were relatively interested in what I was interested in.  Granted, I’ve met many amazing people within the village who enjoys doing the same thing I enjoy doing, but it was more to it than just that.  My whole perception of the arts have expanded by just being a part of this close-knit community.  I befriended people who act, dance,  compose and write music, plays instruments, recite poetry, knit and crotchets, designs, and paint.  I’ve helped an artist sculpt a statue for Raleigh’s Bluegrass Festival. I’ve spectated many of the University Theatre’s plays.  I’ve danced and sung along to a capella groups during concerts.  I tried to sell my art and write screenplay for the first time.  I’ve been to Artspace and many galleries on First Friday.  I’ve seen paintings and chalked drawings on the streets of Raleigh during SPARKcon.  I’ve met DakhaBrakha and Lucky Plush Productions!  After spending just one academic year within the ARTS Village, I had never been more exposed to these type of experiences that NC State has to offer!

And what’s more is that I want to continue to be a part of it.

What I considered to be my art is sharing to you through this blog the enriching experiences and cultural growth I had acquired here at ARTS NC STATE, and encouraging you to enjoy yourself when you become a part of it.  Needless to say, there is no other community who can broaden your experiences like ARTS NC STATE.