Summer Check-In

Our company members have been busy this summer, and we have loved getting updates on what they have been up to. We are very proud of them, and are looking forward to hearing about their adventures in person soon. Check out how our dancers have been spending their summer vacation.

Dedree Scott

NC State Dance Company member, and human biology major, Dedree Scott, has not only been volunteering in the physical therapy department at the NC State Health Center, she is also taking summer classes. Busy, busy!

Casey Graff

It looks like NC State Dance Company member and animal science major Casey Graff has been having some fun at the beach this summer. She is also interning at a veterinary hospital, and working as a kennel technician.

Audra Chenoweth

Panoramic Dance Project member Audra has been working as a research assistant in the Paper Science and Engineering department of the College of Natural Resources this summer. Audra said “I do a lot of work with nanocellulose, and test the strength properties of packaging when nanocellulose is added. I also worked as a camp counselor in our annual Engineering Summer Camp. I can’t wait to be back in the studio. I miss dance so much!”

Emily Sikkel

Panoramic Dance Project member Emily is working all the way in New York City as a textile design intern at Carnegie Fabrics. Emily has been keeping up with dance classes and yoga in the city this summer, and she is looking forward to being back at PDP after a long time away for her semester in London.

Hannah Monroe

Panoramic Dance Project member Hannah has been in California and it looks like she is having a blast. Hannah said “I am interning for an industrial enzyme company called Novozymes this summer in Davis, California. I am traveling all over the state! I love hiking out here and am going to Yosemite next weekend!”

Ava Enochs

NC State Dance Company member Ava is having a great time interning at Glen Raven, a textile company in Burlington.

MaryJo McCoy

Another NC State Dance Company member MaryJo is interning as a marketing assistant at a real estate office in Chapel Hill, as well as taking summer classes.

Jenna Finkelstein

Jenna, a fellow NC State Dance Company member, is busy studying at Somerville College in Oxford this summer.

Dani Deibert

NC State Dance Company member Dani has be interning at SAS as a QA/Testing Intern.

Lillian Tseng

Lillian is a member of the NC State Dance Company and has been taking summer classes and working for University Wellness and Recreation.

Isa Cortes and Annalise Boese

Two of our NC State Dance Company members have spent the summer together traveling, studying, and working. They were in Prague and are now volunteering for Camp Kesem.

Gini Brown

NC State Dance Company member Gina is interning at Quesada Lab, a plant pathlology lab at NC State.

Daniela Patino

Panoramic Dance Project member Daniela is traveling to Colombia this summer. Have fun, Daniela!

Katie Quinn

Another PDP member, Katie is taking summer classes and having fun traveling to the beach.

Solteria Ross

Solteria, one of the Panoramic Dance Project members, is taking summer classes and is looking forward to traveling to Florida.

Stay tuned for more updates from our company members and we hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. Email Tara Mullins at with your summertime adventures and you may see them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.