The Show Must Go On

We at University Theatre hope everyone is home safe as we grapple with the aftermath of Hurricane Florence. In times like these, we artist find comfort in our work. The dedicated staff of University Theatre continues the work of Men on Boats to fulfill our profession’s motto The Show Must Go On. Though we have lost our technical rehearsals, these professionals have continued to use their art form as a means of solace during the storm.


We hope that when the students and community are ready, we can ensure they can entertain and be entertained. Thank you to our director Rachel, scenic designer Jayme, technical director Dave, projection designer Josh, and our guest designers lighting designer Chrissie Munich and sound designer Brian Hunt for continuing their work at home. A special thanks to our student stage manager Hunter Ives ensuring the cast and crew are updated on the latest show information. Here are a few pictures of our artist hard at work on kitchen tables, basements and dining rooms.


Projection Home Office

Costume Home Office

Scenic Home Office

Lighting Home Office

Sound Home Office

We may have lost 28 hours of rehearsal but the students and staff of University Theatre will be ready for you on opening night this Thursday.


Men on Boats opens Thursday Sept 20 at 7:30pm Frank Thompson Hall

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