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New Student Artwork Displayed in Talley Student Union

“Future Pack Leader” Artist Oliva Allen

New student artwork from the 2022 Student Art Sale, along with several other pieces purchased since 2019, can now be viewed in Talley Student Union. 

Below are a few of the most recent additions to enjoy: 

  • Fourth of July” Artist Athena Wang, Accounting, Sophomore. Location: 4th floor near the offices of Multicultural Student Affairs and Student Government. 
  • Limitless” Artist Qrious K, Art & Design, Junior. Location: 5th floor across from the GLBT Center.
  • Ukraine, Giver of Bread” Artist Emily Grace, Art Studies, Junior. Location: 5th floor near the Women’s Center. 
  • Miami Beach Lifeguard Stand” Artist Sarah Waugh, Public History, Graduate student. Location: 3rd floor in the Stewart Theatre Exhibition Case.  
  • Fan-Carved Bird #9” Artist Jimmy Lewis, Environmental Engineering, Junior. Location: 3rd floor in the Stewart Theatre Exhibition Case. 
  • Future Pack Leader” Artist Olivia Allen, Architecture, Freshman. Location: 3rd floor in the Stewart Theatre Exhibition Case.
  • Quarantine Synth #1” Artist Noah Weaver, Design Studies, Location: 5th floor of Talley Student Union near the central elevator.
  • Farm Kid”, “Family”, “Leah”  Artist Grayson Morrow, Economics, Junior.  A series of three black and white photos located on the 3rd floor, near the Ballroom. 

Note: The academic year and major listed for each Student Artist is from the time period that the artwork was purchased. 

The displayed artwork is part of the Student Art Sale, which started in 2001. The Student Art Sale is open to full-time NC State students. The artwork is sold to the public and students receive 100 percent of the sale price. Arts NC State and Campus Enterprises also purchase artwork for display in the student centers and other areas. As a part of the sale, student artist awards ($500) are given in several categories: one 2D piece, one 3D piece, and one computer rendered or photography piece.  

Amy Sawyers-Williams, Arts Outreach and Engagement Manager who runs the Student Art Sale, said, “We are thrilled that more artwork is being displayed, especially near the Talley Ballroom, and look forward to finding more student art for our collection as well as for the public in the April 21, 2023 in-person and virtual Student Art Sale. 

“The arts appreciate the work of student intern Robert Bagby (College of Design) and the support of our partners in Campus Enterprises, especially Tim Hogan and TJ Willis for assistance with the displays.”

To see photos of the artwork purchased-to-date, visit  

For more information about the Student Art Sale and the March 24, 2023 application deadline for this year’s sale, see