Student Art Sale

The Spring 2021 Student Art Sale is April 16, 2021.

The sale will be virtual. Stay tuned for more details.

Link to the April 2020 virtual sale:

Read more about the virtual sale and Visual Art Award Winners Here

Support and purchase student and recent alum art year round HERE! 

For Buyers

Arts NC State purchases student art

Since 2001, Arts NC State has purchased original artwork of NC State students. A committee of staff, students and local artists review the submitted work and choose art to purchase. The chosen works become a part of the permanent collection of Arts NC State and will hang in Talley Student Union or selected locations on campus. To date, our collection has over 150 pieces of student art. But what to do with all the art that isn’t purchased by Arts NC State?

Open to the public

We realized that there was a need to open up the purchase so that all of the student art was able to be seen and possibly purchased. The sale went public in 2015. In that first year, $3,000 worth of student art was sold, with proceeds going directly to the students, and in 2019, we sold over $13,000! Due to COVID-19, the 2020 sale has moved online. This is our first time trying this, and we appreciate your willingness to support our students’ education on arts entrepreneurship as many of them sell their work online for the first time.

How Will an Online Sale Work?

Arts NC State will serve as an intermediary between the student artists and the customers. We will provide a link to an online gallery which will showcase each student work of art. You will click on the image you are interested in, learn more about the student and the piece (and whether they are open to commissions), and then click on a link that will take you to the student’s online shop (Etsy, ArtFire, Ebay etc). From there, you will see whether the art has sold, and you will be able to purchase and/or interact with the students. Some students will be shipping your art and some will be delivering it to your doorstep. Have questions? Feel free to email Amy Sawyers-Williams, manager of the art sale:

Visual Artist Award!

Arts NC State received a generous gift to create a Visual Artist Award in 2017, and this year we are thrilled to announce that the same donor has created a third category for a Visual Art Award: computer rendered or photography. A judge with input from a panel of Arts NC State employees and students will select 1 2D piece, 1 3D piece, and 1 computer rendered or photography from the sale to win the awards. The student artists will receive a $500 cash award, their pieces will hang in a prominent display case in the Talley Student Union near Stewart Theater for the following academic year, and they will be honored at an annual ceremony.

For Student Artists

2021 Student Art Sale

  • Artist Submissions Due (includes link to your online shop): 5pm Friday April 2. See below for entry rules.
  • Stay tuned for professional development workshops

Rules for art submissions

  • Only currently enrolled, full-time NC State students can submit artwork.
  • Fill out online form by 5pm Friday April 2, 2021. Form will be release in January.
  • Arts NC State will only serve as the intermediary between the student and buyer. We will compile all art pieces in an online gallery. Each buyer will be able to click on the image of the art, which will take them to the student’s online shop. Each student agrees to guarantee delivery of art upon payment.
  • You must sell your artwork via an online platform like Etsy, ArtFire, Ebay, etc.
  • Here is a link that addresses more questions about selling work online
  • Artwork must be priced at $400 or less.
    • If you feel strongly that your work should be priced over $400, you need approval from Amy Sawyers-Williams, manager of the sale:
  • Limit five entrees per student to be featured on the gallery page. You can sell as many pieces in your shop as you like.
  • Artwork must be ready to hang (that means in a frame or on canvas. n/a for 3D art)
  • You must be able to drop off or ship your artwork to your buyer! 
  • Fill out online form to sign up to sell (below)
  • Information about pricing your art here:

For 2-D work:

  • Needs to be ready to hang (either canvas with sturdy framing or framed with matting, wiring, etc.).
  • For consideration for the Visual Artist Award, must be smaller than 44″ tall x 50″ wide x 12″ deep

For 3-D work:

  • 3-D work may include: ceramics, wood, fiber art, metals, glass.
  • If it doesn’t sit on its own, 3-D work should include mounting device so that piece can sit on horizontal surface or be mounted to a vertical surface.
  • For consideration for the Visual Artist Award, must be smaller than 44″ tall x 50″ wide x 12″ deep

Contact us

For more information, contact Amy Sawyers-Williams in the Arts Outreach & Engagement Office, at 919.513.1044 or email