Fast Facts

Arts NC State is the collective organization of the six visual and performing arts programs of North Carolina State University: The Crafts Center, Dance Program, Department of Music, Gregg Museum of Art & Design, NC State LIVE and University Theatre. The programs of Arts NC State are also served by Arts Development, Arts Marketing, Arts Outreach & Engagement, and Ticket Central.

Our mission

Arts NC State advocates on behalf of an exciting and diverse collective of visual and performing arts programs. By fostering collaboration, coordination, shared resources, cross-promotion, and mutual support among these programs, Arts NC State enriches the lives of students while serving the community, region and state.

Our vision

As an institution of higher learning, NC State University believes that art should be Accessible, Relevant, and Transformative, and that experience with the arts is essential to the development of individuals who are better able to enjoy life and contribute to society.


Arts NC State was formed in 1997 but all of its departments have deeper roots at NC State. When Percy W. Price – the namesake of Price Music Center – arrived at NC State in 1916 to teach in the textile school, he quickly took on duties with the college band. When the Department of Music was created in 1924, he was named as the first director. The Crafts Center came along next in 1954, followed by the iconic Friends of the College series that ran from 1959 to 1994 (and was at one time the largest subscription performing arts series in the world). University Theatre was founded in 1964, and the NC State LIVE performing arts series in 1972. The visual arts program was created in the late 70s, and the first exhibition space that grew to become the Gregg Museum of Art & Design opened in 1992. The Dance Program was founded in 1986.


  • 100 staff and faculty, including adjunct professors and instructors
  • Numerous annual master class instructors and artists-in-residence 
  • Over 100 student employees


Arts NC State educates our students and community for the 21st century while providing a living link to our rich cultural heritage in a myriad of different ways: .

  • Academic courses
  • Cutting-edge performances
  • Productions
  • Workshops
  • Internships
  • Studios/labs 


  • Arts NC State offers nearly 500 arts opportunities annually to students and the community. 
  • Over 7,500 students annually participate in Arts NC State events (workshops, non-credit classes, one-time special activities, performances, master classes); another 15,000 students attend performances and other arts opportunities every year at Arts NC State. 
  • Over 52,000 community members annually attend and participate in Arts NC State performances and opportunities.
  • Arts NC State offers over 200 academic classes each year that enroll approximately 3,000 students. 


Arts NC State offices, classes and events are held throughout the community and University. Information is available here regarding Arts NC State facilities.

  • Thompson Hall – University Theatre 360 online tour here.
  • Thompson Hall – The Crafts Center 360 online tour here.
  • Stewart Theatre 360 online tour here.
  • Gregg Museum of Art & Design 360 online tour here.

Executive Director

Rich Holly