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Connecting NC State courses with the arts

We’ve made it easy for you to connect the academic courses you teach with events offered through Arts NC State, including performances, arts and crafts exhibitions, music concerts and theatre productions.

The pandemic has put many of our live performances on hold, but we are still hard at work connecting our virtual events to your classes. Check out some of our Spring 2021 curricular connections below!

The Gregg Museum of Art & Design: virtual & in-person tours

Objects of Intention


In the Black-Sanderson Gallery

Beginning as sculptures, these powerful and startling images of age-old agricultural implements provide a visual language used to comment on the human condition. The photographic prints are extremely large scale, 9 feet wide in some cases, and feature sculptures created by sculptor-photographer Althouse using manmade objects, cloth, tools, and simple farm machinery.

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Class Connections:

  • REL 200 Religious Studies
  • HON 202 Honors: Inquiry, Discovery, and Literature
  • ADN 386 Sculpture 1
  • HI 254 Modern American History
AllIs Possible cuff with star

All Is Possible –
Mary Ann Scherr’s Legacy in Metal

Virtual Tour

In the Historical Residence

Highlights of one of the first female industrial designers, and the first woman designer to work in the automobile industry. Curated by jewelry historian Ana Estrades, “All is Possible” includes numerous examples of Scherr’s innovative jewelry, body monitors, and design work.

Class Connections:

  • ADN 112 Introduction to Three-Dimensional
  • ADN 202 Design Studio: Art & Design in Context Units
  • ADN 386 Sculpture 1
  • ADN 418 Contemporary Issues in Art and Design
  • BME 209 Intro Materials Science Biomaterials
  • WGS 210 Women and Gender in Science and Technology

Special thanks to graduate student intern Courtney Ray and undergraduate intern Sabrina Hurtado for CCG research

Past Events:

NC State LIVE Presents Las Cafeteras Digital Block Party on Tuesday October 6 at 5:30pm.

Learn more and register to attend here:

About the Block Party

Some of you may have gotten in on the action when Los Angeles-based band Las Cafeteras was here last fall with CONTRA-TIEMPO. This rocking group of Chicano artists and activists uses music as a vehicle to build bridges among different cultures and communities to create ‘a world where many worlds fit.’ We hope you’ll join us in your Zoom video blocks for a “Block Party” with Las Cafeteras as they create joyous music and inspiring conversation – and maybe even get you up and dancing.

Our Block Party with Las Cafeteras is presented as part of Latinx Heritage Month in partnership with NC State’s Multicultural Student Affairs.

NOTE: Please register for the Digital Block Party by Tuesday, October 6 at 12 noon. Participants will need to download a free Zoom account.

Class Connections:

  • FLS 353 Literature and Culture of Latin American III
  • FLS 412 Topics in the Culture of Latin American and the Caribean
  • SOC 203 Current Social Problems
  • SOC 220 Cultural Geography
  • ED 501 Students Advocating for Youth 1
  • ED 508 Exploring Diversity in Classroom and Community
  • HON 360 Music and Oppression
  • HON 293 Music and Social Life
  • HON 299 Popuar Songs and Communication
  • PSY 311 Social Psychology
  • PSY 360 Community Psychology Principles and Practice
  • AFS 305 Racial and Ethnic Relations

Check back for updates. To see what a Curricular Guide looks like during non-pandemic times:

Click HERE to Download the Spring 2020 Curricular Connections Guide pdf

Our Curricular Connections Guide highlights meaningful, logical links between the substance of academic courses and the content of our events.

How to Engage

There are numerous ways you and your students can engage the arts and Arts NC State, including:

  • Attending a performance
  • Participating in pre- or post-concert discussions
  • Scheduling in-class workshops withArts NC State faculty or visiting artists
  • Using a performance to enhance your classroom discussion

Arts Outreach & Engagement contact

For more information on the Curricular Connections Guide, Arts NC State or engagement opportunities, email

What our faculty members say

Faculty who have used the Curricular Connections Guide share their experiences:

“This [the CCG] is a great way to integrate the arts into academic work, to foster a well-rounded education where art appreciation and the development of an artistic sensibility have a place regardless of majors, and to increase students’ awareness that their education has meaningful applications beyond the classroom walls and the confines of their academic fields of study.”

—Dr. Hélène Ducros, Lecturer, Interdisciplinary Studies

“Bringing students to the Gregg Museum has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my teaching career at NCSU. Invariably students who have been quiet in class seem to come out of their shells and find ways to engage with the Gregg’s amazing collection. Knowing that different students have different learning styles is quite different from seeing it in action before you as they open up and make connections that hadn’t been made before between theory and practice.”

—Anna Bigelow, Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

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