Connecting NC State courses with the arts: The Crafts Center

Contact a staff member of the Crafts Center or Amy Sawyers-Williams, arts outreach & engagement, to set up a connection (e.g. offer extra credit for your students who attend an event)! ;

With a vision of providing more than just a slate of routine crafts classes and studio access, the Crafts Center strives to meet the personal and academic needs of NC State students. Ours is a community of like-minded students, an inviting place to gather, share and reflect on life in an atmosphere that is encouraging and inclusive. We offer:

Contact us if you have any questions about our academic partnerships, programming for student groups and campus organizations, job opportunities and volunteer options.

Class Connections

  • ADN 273: Fibers Materials and Processes
  • ADN 470: Fibers and Surface Design Studio
  • ADN 386 Sculpture I
  • Engineering Academic Affairs
    • Women in Engineering Outreach
    • Engineering Place
    • Engineering Village