Arts Outreach & Engagement: Arts Integration Workshops

Deepen your course content with a unique arts-based workshop

Since 2017, the Arts NC State Office of Outreach & Engagement has been collaborating with faculty, staff, and student leaders to create unique arts-based workshops that deepen non-arts disciplines.

Arts integration builds greater understanding across disciplines, supporting authentic experiences that engage and motivate learners. This practice provides multiple modes of learning and understanding, while also fostering imagination, creativity and personal interpretation of ideas and topics. -NAEA Position Statement on Arts Integration

Amy Sawyers Williams, manager of arts outreach & engagement is an multidisciplinary artist with a master’s degree in Applied Theatre, nearly 20 years as an improv performer, and is an experienced facilitator of interdisciplinary workshops ranging from family storytelling to creating protest art. She runs the Curricular Connections Program connecting courses on campus to artistic programs, and can additionally work with faculty, staff, or students to create unique workshops that use art (especially performance) to explore and deepen non arts topics. See below for some examples of past workshops.

Flyer created for Rural Outreach/Career Development, Improv + Interviews Workshop, Feb 2021

Past examples of collaborations include:

  • Virtual improv workshops:
    • Career Development Courses USC 202 and 401 focusing on sharpening interview and communication skills
    • Multiple COM 110, Public Speaking courses since 2017
    • Honors seminars
    • Interview workshop for Rural outreach at the Career Development Center
  • In-person performative arts (improv, theatre and/or storytelling) workshops created based on needs of the faculty for:
    • Multiple COM 110, Public Speaking courses since 2017
    • Women’s Center to explore leadership development
    • Graduate students in the College of Science in partnership with the Graduate School to enhance communication, especially with regard to talking about and presenting research
    • Storytelling class created at and for OLLI

What folks are saying

Students in my class really enjoyed the interactive nature of Amy’s facilitation. She was energetic and calming and encouraged quieter students to come out of their shell. There is a great deal of teambuilding and bonding during the activity. I would strongly recommend this for your group if you are looking for something lively and memorable. – Marcy Bullock, Director at the Career Development Center, Teaches USC 202 and 401

Virtual Improv for Rural Outreach at the Career Development Center in 2021