About Arts NC State

The arts are a vital part of education, and NC State recognizes the importance of fostering arts programs—both for our students and for the larger community. Arts NC State invites all students (regardless of their major) and the community to participate in arts programs and productions.

Our Mission

Arts NC State advocates on behalf of an exciting and diverse collective of visual and performing arts programs. By fostering collaboration, coordination, shared resources, cross-promotion, and mutual support among these programs, Arts NC State enriches the lives of students while serving the community, region and state.

Our Vision

As an institution of higher learning, NC State University believes that art should be Accessible, Relevant, and Transformative, and that experience with the arts is essential to the development of individuals who are better able to enjoy life and contribute to society.

Who We Are

Arts NC State is the collective organization for all six of NC State University’s performing and visual arts programs and five supporting units.

Our supporting units include:

  • Ticket Central
  • Arts Development
  • Arts Marketing
  • Arts Outreach & Engagement
  • Business and Planning