Connecting NC State courses with the arts: The Department of Music

Connecting NC State courses with the arts

We’ve made it easy for you to connect the academic courses you teach with events offered through NC State’s art programs, including performances, art exhibitions, music concerts, art making workshops, and theatre productions. Browse the arts programs and corresponding thematic and course connections below, and contact Amy Sawyers-Williams with any engagement ideas or questions: Click here to view other art connections.

The Department of Music is now in the Department of Performing Arts and Technology.

Contact Amy Sawyers-Williams, arts outreach & engagement, to set up a connection (e.g. offer extra credit for your students who attend a concert).

FALL 2023

The Department of Performing Arts and Technology presents Abstractum, a concert that celebrates the music of contemporary Iranian composers, performed by pianist Olga Kleiankina and flutist Kelariz Keshavarz, with photography by Nesam Keshavarz and a dance choreographed and performed by State Dance Company member Ariana Fajerman. Sunday, Sept. 17 at 4pm in Stewart Theatre.

Course Connections

  • ADN 212: Photography 1
  • ANT 252: Cultural Anthropology
  • ARS 257: Technology in the Arts
  • ARS 306: Music Composition With Computers
  • COM 200: Communication Media In A Changing World
  • COM 250: Communication and Technology
  • COM 257: Media History and Theory
  • COM 322: Nonverbal Communication
  • COM 392: International and Crosscultural Communication
  • COM 451: Visual Rhetoric
  • DAN – All Courses
  • EMA 365: Foundations in Arts Entrepreneurship
  • FL 210: Global Literature and Culture
  • FL 295: Intermediate Persian Conversation and Culture I
  • GEO 220: Cultural Geography
  • HI 207: Ancient Mediterranean World
  • HI 232: The World from 1200 to 1750
  • IS 200: Introduction to International Studies
  • MUS: All Courses
  • MUS 200: Understanding Music: Global Perspectives

Thank you to undergrad, Maya McCall for their class research for this program.

Previous Connections:

Fall 2022

Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra

World Premiere of Concerto for Violin: Paths to Dignity by Lucas Richman, with Mitchell Newman, violin soloist.

Sunday November 13 at 4pm in Stewart Theatre in the Talley Student Union.
Photo: a Street Symphony Concert, an organization Newman has played with in LA

Lucas Richman will compose a new musical work, “Concerto for Violin: Paths to Dignity,” for violinist Mitchell Newman to perform with the Raleigh Civic Chamber Orchestra, centering the theme of homelessness and of displaced persons. The music will serve as a catalyst for meaningful discussions about the connections between homelessness and mental health as well as the role the arts can play in restoring humanity and dignity to the ever-growing population of displaced citizens. Local homelessness and housing advocacy groups will have a presence in the lobby prior to the concert, and there will be a free panel directly following the concert. This is the first performance of the Paths to Dignity Project, and Richman and Newman will take this concerto and community outreach performances to several other locations in the US and internationally.

Learn more about the Paths to Dignity Project:

Class Connections

Class Connections

  • ANT 252: Cultural Anthropology
  • ARS 259 The Arts and Politics
  • ARS 353: Arts and Cross-Cultural Contacts
  • COM 304: Audio Production
  • COM 322: Nonverbal Communication
  • ED 508 : Exploring Diversity in Classroom and Community
  • ENG 340: Literature, Art, and Society
  • GEO 220 / SOC 220: Cultural Geography
  • HI 233: The World Since 1750
  • HI 254: Modern American History
  • HON 360: Music and Resistance
  • MUS 103: Theory and Musicianship I
  • MUS 105: Introduction to Music in Western Society
  • MUS 120: Introduction to Music Theory
  • MUS 144: Jazz Ensemble I/II
  • PHI 221: Contemporary Moral Issues
  • PRT 200: Health, Wellness and the Pursuit of Happiness
  • PS 236: Issues in Global Politics
  • PSY 311: Social Psychology
  • PSY 416: Psychology of Emotion
  • SOC 203: Current Social Problems
  • SOC 206: Social Deviance
  • SOC 211: Community and Health
  • SOC 301: Human Behavior
  • SW 425: Hunger and Homelessness