Student Artist Websites


Family Documentary by Grayson Morrow


We were thrilled that our first Arts NC State Virtual Art Sale on April 17, 2020 brought in over $10,000 for our student artists, but it’s not over! Many of these student artists/recent alum have work on their websites that you can support year-round. Here are some of them. Check back as this will be updated throughout the year. This will not replace our annual spring art sale, just supplement it!


In no particular order

Kelly Wu, Architecture,

Natacha Bomparte, Graphic Design,

Anna Howell, Graphic Design,

Ellen J, Media & Communications for Marketing and Horticulture Science,

Walker Winslow, International Studies,

Charlotte Sleeper, Anthropology,

Noah Weaver, Design Studies,

Ramya Vijayakumar, Computer Networking,

Grayson Morrow, Economics,

Lauren Malynowsky, Design Studies,

Sarah Hitt, Engineering,

Katie Brooks, Art + Design,

Subin Hwang, Art + Design,

Menaka Kumar, Physics,

Atieh Ameri, Ph.D. Design,

Kailyn Byers, Graphic Design,

Jornell Bacon, Industrial Design,

Justin Hill, Design Studies,