Arts Spotlight: Get to Know LilyGrace Wolfe

Nine members of the State Dance Company are on a stage with a dark background playing air guitar.

State Dance Company. Photo Credit: Robert Davezac. LilyGrace Wolfe shredding on air guitar, first row right.


As we navigate summer orientation in a pandemic, Arts NC State is reaching out to incoming students and others who’d like to get to know the faces behind the arts programs of Arts NC State. Be sure to visit to check out all we have to offer for your creative experiences at NC State!

We continue our Get to Know Us series with an interview of senior LilyGrace Wolfe, who is majoring in communication media and is a member of the State Dance Company.

A headshot of LilyGrace Wolfe who is an Asian female in her 20s. She has long black hair, is smiling, and is wearing a light blue t shirt.

Photo Credit: Robert Davezac


How long have you been involved in the arts on campus and what do you do?

I’ve been involved in Arts NC State since I transferred here two years ago! I was in University Theatre’s Cabaret in 2019, and I’m going into my third year as a member of the State Dance Company! I’m also a Student Ambassador for the Dance Program. 


What has been one of your favorite projects you have worked on here?

That’s a hard one. There are so many arts opportunities! Being in the State Dance Company has been the source of so much joy for me. I think the piece Monica Bill Barnes set on us last fall is my favorite piece I’ve ever been in. It was always fun to perform, and I have so many great memories from that piece, like when we performed part of it as a flashmob in Talley! Plus we got to air-guitar in it, and Monica said she liked my air-guitaring because I looked “so uncool doing it.” A compliment I’ll cherish forever!


What have you been up to during the pandemic? What shows have you been watching or books have you been reading? Blogs or IGs you love? Any podcasts you have been listening to?

I’m actually working for New Student Programs and helping welcome new students this summer. I’ve spent a lot of my free time with Disney+ and The Good Place (one of the smartest, funniest shows I’ve ever seen)! I’m also trying to learn more about issues regarding Pride and BLM and how I can be a more active ally to those communities. Now, I’m listening to Code Switch, a really informative podcast that covers tons of topics and their relation to race.


Image of LilyGrace dancing on a stage in a black leotard. There is a black background and a spotlight off to the left. She has her right arm over her head and is in a 1/2 squatted position.

Photo Credit: Robert Davezac

Have you watched any art performance online? Which ones?

I actually haven’t, but the pro-shot recording of Hamilton starts streaming on July 3rd, and we can safely say I’ll be watching, rewatching, and re-rewatching that for the rest of my life! I did recently watch a documentary series on the making of Frozen 2. It was SO inspiring and made me have even more appreciation than I already did for the movie and the artists behind it. 


What advice would you give to an incoming student about getting involved with the arts at NC State?

I could talk about getting involved for forever, but I’ll just tell about a time I realized what the arts have done for me. A few weeks ago, I drew a picture of my dance company as a way to lift some of their spirits, and it ended up being very healing for me too. Drawing it made me see that I’ve found my place—and most importantly, my people—all because I got involved in the arts! To the new students, I say: Know there are people and resources that are here to support you, and that includes the arts! There’s something to be said for creativity. Your creativity is unique to you, and if it sparks some sort of excitement or passion within you, follow it! It might lead you to your place and your people!


Anything else you want to add?

I’ll just drop the quote I like to read in times of doubt: 

“You’re cool, dope, fresh, and smart-brained. I’ve never seen you dance, but I bet you’re good, ’cause you’re good at everything. You’re awesome! Be nicer to yourself.” — Jason Mendoza, The Good Place


A graphic design illustration of ten members of the State Dance Company and their director Tara Mullins. They are bunched together, smiling, making the Wolfpack finger symbol and peace signs.

Illustration of State Dance Company Dressing Room by LilyGrace Wolfe. Created in lieu of their traditional dressing room photo which was cancelled due to COVID-19.