Gregg Construction Update 4

Construction is still moving along steadily after 4 more months of work.  Insulation, brick and atlantic white cedar siding are being installed on the building exterior. Walls are framed and are being sheathed with plywood and drywall.  Installation of HVAC equipment is almost complete and after windows are installed systems will be started up to get the building conditioned.  Most of the electrical installation has been completed and it won’t be long before paint is going up on the walls.  Check out the progress in the photographs below and look for another update soon!


Wide angle shot of partly cloudy, bright day with brick house on right side and large addition on the left. Insulation is being installed on addition behind scaffolding and plastic.

Panoramic view of the front of the museum.


Wide view of partly cloudy, blue sky day and brick house on left with the addition on the right and formal brick walled garden in foreground.

Panoramic view of the rear of the museum.


Three workers measuring and drilling into plywood panels with rebar arranged in a grid pattern behind them and the museum building in the distance.

Workers prepare rebar and plywood for concrete walkway pour.


A worker picks up a sheet of plywood in the foreground and two workers are up on scissor lifts in the background in a large room where all the walls are covered in sheets of plywood.

Workers install plywood sheathing, electrical and HVAC in the largest gallery.


Three men in hard hats talking to one another and general construction proceeds in the background.

Contractors and engineer talking about construction progress and work still to be completed.


Set of four concrete stairs in an L shape in front of the museum addition.

The steps that will connect the front lawn to the main entry plaza of the museum.


Three men in hard hats installing drywall in a gallery with a green scissor lift in front of them.

Workers installing drywall in one of the galleries.


Large building with scaffolding extending down one side and brick extending down the other with a loading dock in the middle between them.

Brick, insulation and cedar siding installation on the East side of the museum addition.


Long concrete walkway with a dirt roadway on left, the main lawn on the right and the museum building in the distance.

Concrete walkway that will connect Hillsborough Street to the front of the museum.


Four workers with hard hats using trowels and floats to smooth out the top of a concrete step inside of a wooden form, with a Sun Rock concrete truck in the background.

Workers smooth the concrete steps being installed in front of the museum.


Large, high ceiling lobby with open ceiling and two workers on a scissor lift in the background.

View of the main lobby from the front doors of the museum addition.


Plywood floor hallway with exposed brick, plaster and steel studs framing being prepped for drywall.

View of the Gregg Museum offices from the end of the hallway on the second floor of the chancellors residence.


Brick residence on left, with addition on the right covered in large blue tarps and the formal garden in the foreground on a clear blue sky day.

View of the rear of the Gregg Museum before cedar siding is installed.


Large brick building with scaffolding and tarps covering the left side and brick and cedar siding covering the right side.

View of the East side of the museum with brick installation finishing up and cedar siding starting to be installed.


Two men in hard hats on a scissor lift securing cedar boards to wood battens in front of insulation installed on the exterior of the building.

Workers installing cedar siding on the exterior of the building.


Man sits in a crane chair on the back of a flatbed truck operating a small crane in front of the new museum sitting in the background.

View of the front entrance to the museum.


Two men in hard hats measure cedar boards in front of a wall with cedar siding that has been installed.

Workers measure cedar siding for installation on the exterior of the building.




Four workers with hard hats cut thin steel angle to length for installation on the exterior of the building.

Workers installing clip system for holding insulation to the exterior of the building.


Brick house on right and building addition on the left with horizontal cedar board cladding. Dirt roadway with concrete curb and construction debris in the foreground.

View of the front of the museum with new atlantic white cedar siding installed on the addition.


Looking down a hallway of drywall hung and openings on the left and right to museum staff offices.

View of the offices upstairs in the chancellors residence.


Two workers on separate scissor lifts are installing insulation and metal pieces to the exterior of the building in preparation of the cedar board installation.

Insulation and metal being installed on the rear of the building.