I Found Family in Dance


Just Cuz Crew unites for a group picture after their performance in Dance Marathon.

The finale move sent me to oblivion. The stage light dims and I hear nothing – not even the growing volume of the applause sounding from the audience. All I could hear was the exhaustion resonating from our breaths, synchronized as if we were all breathing from the same lung. For seconds we remained still, baiting the crowd to want more. This very moment sends another reminder of how grateful I am to do something that I love with the people who share the same passion that I have: dance.

Last year as a freshman, wanting to become a part of something was one of my top priorities upon coming to NC State. And what better way to try to get involved than with dancing?  I became a proud member of Just Cuz Dance Crew in the fall of 2013. What I adore about this dance organization is that we reach out to the community, offering and hosting community classes to anyone with any level of experience and talent to come join and enjoy the dance experience. Additionally, we strive to improve ourselves and others as dancers, and we have this apparent display of a bond that is strongly likened to that of a family. Although we are primarily hip-hop based, we openly and willingly explore all genres of dance and expand our cultural and social horizons.


Just Cuz prepares to give a frightening performance during NC State’s horror- themed Best Dance Crew event.

I have gained so much from being involved with creative and passionate people on a daily basis. I learned from others. I grew as I became more engaged in the dance community. I have interacted and connected with others deriving from different backgrounds. And with all of these valuable memories I have harvested in just one year alone, I have found a family in not only my dance crew, but in the dance community as a whole. Becoming a part of a dance family has proven to be one of the most pivotal decisions of my life. Not only have I gained enriching experiences that I will never trade for anything in the world, but most importantly, I have connected with people who share the same passions and interests, and formed everlasting friendships with them.