The Creative, Performing and Visual Art Awards

Image of production of 2020 Creative Artist Award winning play, STATIC by Aysia Slade 

NC State Students: Apply for the Creative Artist Award

To listen to a full version of the 2021-2022 Creative Artist Award Winner in Music, Anika Anandpura’s song, Fidelity click below:

The Arts NC State Creative Artist Award recognizes original work in music, dance and theatre created by NC State students. Each winning creative artist(s) receives $500, and the selected work(s) will be performed and/or workshopped in the following academic year by the appropriate Arts NC State performing arts program.

Dance and Music deadlines: Monday April 17, 2023 @5pm

Creative Artist Award FAQ

Who is eligible to apply for the Creative Artist Award?

The award is open to any currently enrolled, full-time NC State student. A group submission will be accepted only if all students in the group are currently enrolled, full-time NC State students. Entrants are not required to enroll/participate in the arts programs at NC State.

How are Creative Artist Award winners selected?

A committee of Arts NC State music, dance and theatre faculty annually reviews submissions of original work in the fields of music, dance and theatre, and chooses the artists who best exemplify the award(s) for Creative Artist. Read about past award winners.

How many Creative Artist Awards are given each year?

The Creative Artist Award is intended to honor one student each in music, dance and theatre, but the judges retain the right to award multiple winners in a single area or to make no award at all.

What do winners of the Creative Artist Award receive?

Each winning creative artist receives $500 along with recognition in an awards ceremony the following year. Additionally, the selected work(s) will be performed in the following academic year by the appropriate performing arts program.

A corresponding grant up to $1,000 is given to the appropriate program or department to assist in the production of the selected work by the Department of Music, Dance Program or University Theatre.

What happens if a group submission wins?

If one or more artists submit an original work as group, the $500 will be split between members of the group.

How will winners be notified?

Winners will be notified by email and posted on this web page.

Additional entry rules for music, dance and theatre


Issued by the Department of Music

Submission due date: Monday April 27. 2023 by 5pm. Criteria updated for 2023 award:

Students wishing to apply in the field of music must submit an original work for one of the following media:

  • Jazz ensemble
  • Orchestra
  • Chamber Ensemble
  • Pipes & Drums
  • Solo piano
  • Solo/Duo instrument or voice (with or without accompaniment)
  • Band
  • Choir (any voicing with or without accompaniment)
  • Electronic or Computer Music

Any other combinations of instruments than those listed above must be cleared in advance by contacting the Head of the Department of Music, Dr. Daniel Monek <

For all media except Electronic or Computer Music, students must submit an original written score.  No recordings are required, though MIDI realizations are strongly encouraged. 

For Electronic or Computer Music, where the work intrinsically exists as a recording rather than in the form of a notated score, students must submit—in addition to the recording—a statement describing the structure of the work.

Upon notification of winning, award recipient must produce individual parts of the winning work by advance date given or prize will be forfeited.



Issued by the Dance Program

Submission due date: Monday April 27. 2023 by 5pm *no extensions this year*

Students wishing to apply for the Creative Artist Award in the field of dance must submit the following two items:

  • A private YouTube link of an original work in progress or completed work that originated in a dance course, company, or independently. The piece should show original movement vocabulary, specific thematic content, and have the potential to be well developed.
  • A two-page narrative/project proposal outlining the concept and plans for development and producing of the proposed choreographic work.

The choreographer chosen will have the opportunity to produce their piece in one of a variety of ways including, but not limited to, for a Dance Program concert or informal showing, as a screendance, or as a site specific piece.



Issued by University Theatre

New Deadline! Submissions due on November 14th at 5pm!

University Theatre is shifting the submission timeline! Plays submitted in the fall will be reviewed and a winner will be announced at the November 28 Bowers Medal of Arts & student awards ceremony. The winner’s work will be developed in the spring semester with a workshop showing the following fall semester.

Students wishing to apply should submit an original play or theatrical work in a one-act format. Any genre, theme or content is acceptable. The submission may not be previously produced or performed (if you have questions about this, please email University Theatre director, Joshua Reaves

Applicants must upload a Microsoft Word file of the manuscript via this form to be read by a committee of theatre professionals. Manuscript should be 1.5 to double spacing, 11 point Times New Roman or Ariel font and include a cover page with title and playwright’s name. Please do not put your name on the content pages of the play. University Theatre will work with the winner to determine presentation timing and mode.

Acceptance of the award gives University Theatre first reading/production rights and winner must be willing to work with the director and University Theatre staff in developing the work the following spring semester.

Image of Leslie Barber from her 2016 Creative Artist Award Winning Dance Piece

The Performing Artist Award

The Arts NC State Performing Artist Award honors outstanding Arts NC State student performers in music, dance and theatre.

Arts NC State faculty members select the recipients of the Performing Artist Awardâ€â€students do not need to apply (Music Department will hold auditions). The winning performing artist(s) will receive $500 and acknowledgement in the following year’s Arts NC State playbills.

FAQ about the Performing Artist Award

Who is eligible for a Performing Artist Award?

The students who will be considered for this award are any current full-time NC State student enrolled in an Arts NC State Music Department, Dance Program or University Theatre course and/or involved in a Music Department, Dance Program or University Theatre production or performance.

How are Performing Artist Award winners selected?

Arts NC State faculty in each performing arts area (music, dance and theatre) will choose the artist who best exemplifies a high caliber of performance and artistic dedication.

How many Performing Artist Awards are given each year?

It is intended that the Performing Artist Award honor one student each in music, dance and theatre, but the judges retain the right to award multiple winners in a single area or to make no award at all.

How will winners be notified?

Winners will be notified via email and announced on

For Information on the Visual Artist Award, Visit: