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September 17, 2014

I Found Family in Dance

The finale move sent me to oblivion. The stage light dims and I hear nothing – not even the growing volume of the applause sounding from the audience. All I could hear was the exhaustion resonating

September 15, 2014

NC State Names New Director of Orchestral Studies

by Christy Rain   NC State’s new director of orchestral studies, Dr. Peter Askim, is as vibrant, talented and unique as the ensembles that he began directing Fall Semester 2014. Askim, a conductor, composer, bassist

May 31, 2014

Our Team

  Carol Fountain Nix Director 919.513.3677 or 919.515.2457 Administration, personnel, fundraising, facilities management, marketing/design, public relations/outreach, instructor management, teachingand studio management. Carol joined the Crafts Center as the new director in March 2017 but she